Forehead and brow lift

Forehead and brow lift can be performed as a part of full facelift or as a separate procedure in which forehead wrinkles are smoothed and eyebrows are lifted and adjusted, the subcutaneous layer and muscles of the face are lifted too. The surgery is performed through incisions made at the hairline of the forehead, so the scars are masked well after they heal.

In this clinic, the forehead and brow lift is performed using an advanced endoscopic technique that allows us to perform the operation through even smaller incisions. Other procedures, such as eyelid surgery, the injection of various fillers and nose correction, are often performed alongside a forehead and brow lift.

The cosmetic effect of a forehead or brow lift can last for years or decades, but to a large extent this depends on the patient’s lifestyle.


2000 EUR

The exact price of the operation will be known during the consultation, when plastic surgeon will evaluate the complexity of the operation.

In the price of operation are included:

General anesthesia
In patient day
Postoperative care