Facial surgery

Age-related changes, congenital anomalies, injuries or illnesses can be the cause of human disharmony. It negatively affects his physical and emotional state, and adversely affects the person’s self-esteem. As a result, the field of surgery which specializes in surgical correction of aesthetic or functional defects, in tissues or organs, is becoming increasingly popular.

Plastic surgery clinic offers full range of aesthetic and rejuvenating facial treatments: nose correction, eyelid or ear plastics, removal of cheeks (Bichat) fats, correction of various facial parts, facial rejuvenation with fat cells, etc. Also, “Tautrimas Aštrauskas Clinic” carries out the advanced endoscopic face-lift surgeries, by using special equipment with a video camera.

To use plastic surgery services can anyone, who is unconfident with their congenital or appeared appearance defects.  Facial plastic can remove deep wrinkles and lift a specific part of the face, which makes it look at least ten years younger. Improved surgery method allows you to be satisfied with the results for a long time.