Ears surgery (otoplasty)

Correction of protruding ears (otoplasty) is a cosmetic procedure suitable for patients who have suffered loss of confidence or emotional discomfort due to protruding ears. It is possible to perform correction to one ear if there is a marked asymmetry between the ears, or to both. Plastic surgeons can also form or reconstruct of the outer ear folds in the case of congenital or acquired ear defects.

The aesthetic result is visible almost immediately after the surgery, although the swelling may persist up to several months. The effect is permanent, but children’s ears undergo further formation so the shape may change slightly. This procedure is not recommended for children younger than 5 years.


Ears surgery (during local anesthesia)
1200 EUR

You will find out the exact price of the operation during the consultation, when the surgeon will evaluate the complexity of the surgery.

In the price of operation are included:

Local anesthesia
Postoperative care

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