Breast lift

Breast lift is a substantially different procedure from breast augmentation. The aim of this procedure is to change the breast shape rather than increase the volume. Sometimes breast lift can be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation, often with very good results. During a breast lift the breasts are not only elevated but also reshaped. Excess skin is removed and the nipple and areola complex might be reduced or relocated according to the patient’s request.

The effects of cosmetic breast lift surgery are generally long lasting, but age, future pregnancies, weight change, lifestyle and other factors will affect the appearance of the breasts so they might sag again. Usually patients return to work in a week but some restrictions on physical activity should be followed for about a month.


3500 - 4000 EUR

The exact price of the operation will be known during the consultation, when plastic surgeon will evaluate the complexity of the operation.

In the price of operation are included:

General anesthesia
In patient day
Postoperative care