Breast surgery

Breast augmentation with implants

from 3500 EUR

Breast augmentation with B-lite implants

from 4500 EUR

Breast correction using fat grafting

3500 - 4500 EUR

Breast lift

3500 - 4000 EUR

Breast augmentation and lift (with implants)

from 4500 EUR

Breast reduction

3500 - 4500 EUR

Breast nipple tatoo

from ​200 EUR

Gynecomastia (for male)

from 2000 EUR

Facial surgery

Upper eyelids correction

1000 EUR

Lower eyelids correction

from 1500 EUR

Face rejuvenation using fat grafting

1500 EUR

Endoscopic forehead lift and brow lift

2000 EUR

Endoscopic forehead lift and upper eyelids correction

from 2700 EUR

Endoscopic midface lift

3500 EUR

Classic face and neck lift

5000-5500 EUR

Chin augmentation using fat grafting

Lipaugmentation of lips

from 1500 EUR

Ear surgery

1000 EUR

Rhinoplasty and the functional surgery of nasal septum

3300 EUR

Nose reconstruction surgery

from 700 EUR

Aesthetic surgery of the tip of the nose

2000 EUR

Nasal septum surgery

from 2200 EUR

Buccal fat removal

from 700 EUR

800 EUR (local anesthesia)
1200 EUR (general anesthesia)

Body contour correction

Liposuction (with VASERlipo®)

from 2000 EUR

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

3500 - 4500 EUR

Arm lift

from 2000 EUR

Brazilian butt lift (buttock augmentation using fat grafting)

from 4500 EUR

Thigh lift

3000 - 3500 EUR

Mommy makeover (tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation with implants)

from 7500 EUR

Mommy makeover (tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation by fat grafting)

from 4500 EUR

from 7500 EUR

Calf contour correction with implants

Other operations

Derivative removal

from 250 EUR


from 2000 EUR


from 1300 EUR

Scar correction

from 150 EUR

Microdiscectomy surgery

700 EUR

Dupuytren contracture (attracked fingers)

800 EUR


from 3300 EUR

from 2600 EUR

Disk surgery

from 1500 EUR

Non-surgical procedures

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy

250 EUR​


​100 EUR

Botulinum toxin injections (the price depends on the amount of product injected)

from 80 EUR

Botox injections per armpit (against excessive sweating / perspiration)

300 - 400 EUR

Botox injections per palms (against excessive sweating / perspiration)

250 - 450 EUR

Botox injections per palms (against excessive sweating / perspiration)

500-600 EUR

Hialuron acid injection 0,55 cc

180 - 250 EUR

Hialuron acid injections 1 cc

150 -250 EUR

Hialuron acid injections 1,2 cc

250 - 350 EUR


Primary plastic surgeon’s consultation

50 EUR

Doctor obstetrician - gynecologist‘s consultation,
Ultrasound test

35 EUR
25 EUR

Doctor radiologist consultation + breast ultrasound test

40 EUR

* Exact price will be determined during consultation with the doctor.