Preoperative memo

Payment details

2 months before the surgery You must pay the minimum 300 euros reservation fee to clinic’s bank account, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled. The fee will be included in the full payment for the surgery. You should pay the remaining part of the payment before or after the surgery, or while the inpatient care.

Here are International money transfer details

Beneficiary account: UAB “Tautrimo Aštrausko klinika”
Company code: 302777470
VAT code: LT100006920119
Receiving bank: AB Šiaulių bankas
Bank code:  71800
IBAN: LT347180300033467956

Before operation You have to do such laboratorial tests

  • General clinical blood test, SPA, DATL, INR;
  • HIV test;
  • Hepatitis B, C test;
  • Kalium, magnesium;
  • Other tests that could be performed because of the adjacent pathology.

For Your convenience, these tests can be performed in our clinic. Test should be done not earlier than 10 days before the surgery and not later that 3 days before surgery.

Laboratorial tests – 70 EUR.

Pre-operative notice

The surgery will take place in a general or local anesthesia. In order for the process of the anesthesia and the postoperative period to go smoothly, it is necessary for you to do the following:

  • Day before the operation You should have only a light supper; in the morning on the day of operation you are not allowed to drink or eat;
  • Two weeks before the operation You must not take Aspirin (or other medication that contains aspirin). If you are on medication daily, on the day of operation do not take it (unless Your surgeon or anesthesiologist indicates differently);
  • If You smoke constantly on the day of operation don’t smoke any cigarette;
  • Do not drink alcohol 3 days before the operation and one week after, when You will be using antibiotics;
  • Please, bring with You: medication that you use constantly, personal hygiene means, ID (identification).
  • Before the operation You should wipe Your make up, remove all jewelry, wear clothing which will be given in Clinic. If you wear contact lenses or a removable set of false teeth – remove them and leave them in the ward before going to the operating-room;
  • On the day of surgery, in our clinic you will get a bathrobe, pajamas, socks and slippers;
  • Before the operation You must go to toilet;
  • If the surgery is performed in local anesthesia, you will be able to go home at the same day; if in general anesthesia, you will be able to go home next day until 10:00 a.m. (unless Your surgeon or anesthesiologist indicates differently);
  • Visiting hours from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m;
  • In the price of operation are included: anesthesia, in patient day, dressings, all the medicaments;
  • Extra night – 100 eur. (weekdays), 150 eur. (weekends).
Please, contact us if You have any questions or uncertainties, if Your health condition has worsened or You may can’t arrive at the indicated time.
Landline.: +370 37 733202.