Body Contour correction

Age-related changes, congenital anomalies, injuries or illnesses can be the cause of human disharmony. It negatively affects his physical and emotional state, and adversely affects the person’s self-esteem. As a result, the field of surgery which specializes in surgical correction of aesthetic or functional defects, in tissues or organs, is becoming increasingly popular.

Plastic surgery clinic offers these body contouring surgeries: buttock augmentation, liposuction and fat injection, abdominal plastic. In such cases, when the abdominal wall remains the same even after active physical exercise and diet, it is recommended to perform abdominal plastic. Fat grafting is rapidly growing field of the plastic surgery. This is a procedure in which the patient’s body shape is adjusted using his own fats. The adipose tissue is a source of stem cells and bioactive factors, so fat injection can not only correct body lines, but also rejuvenate the face, hands and neck skin.

At “Tautrimas Aštrauskas Clinic” the most advanced technology – ultrasound machine – “VaserLipo” is used for liposuction and fat grafting.