Dalia Rukanskiene

Dalia Rukanskiene has been working as a radiologist since 2007. At Tautrimas Aštrauskas Clinic she has been working since 2014. Her professionalism, care and dedication for work made her honorable between the colleagues, patients and relatives, in this short period of time.

Physician has a lot of experience in investigating women with breast implants. D. Rukanskiene’s ultrasound (UG) studies evaluate both: condition of the implants and breast refinement (breast tissues). She advises women how often they need to check their breasts regularly and which way of study is required (when there is a necessity of ultrasound (UG), mammography, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)).

Special interests

Physician is specialized in breast diagnostics and works in the largest Lithuania‘s university hospital.

In Tautrimas Aštrauskas Clinic physician performs breast echoscopy, provides comprehensive consultation and recommendations for the patients about breast conditions, preparation for the breast surgery or postoperative period.

Scientific Activity

At present, physician is a PhD Radiology student at the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno Klinikos. Dissertation topic – “Diagnostic value of visual imaging for determination of breast cancer metastases in the ankle lymph nodes” (liet. „Vaizdinių tyrimų diagnostinė vertė krūties vėžio metastazėms pažastiniuose limfmazgiuose nustatyti”). She is the author and co-author of several scientific articles. Read lectures for students, presentations at scientific conferences.


Physician participates in the Radiology Clinic and inter-clinical meetings, events organized by Lithuanian Radiologists Association (LRA) and Kaunas Regional Radiology Association (KKRA).

Physician is a member of:

  • The Kaunas Regional Radiology Association (KKRA) since 2007;
  • The European Society of Radiologists (ESR) and the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) since 2012.

International experience

Participating in the national and international radiology seminars and congresses (in Spain, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands).