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In early nineties in endoscopic aesthetic face rejuvenation procedures horizontal vector was fundamental and it used to cause so called mask effect. Nowadays priority is given for vertical vector as the face becomes more projecting (atsikišęs) and its upper part gains more volume. Our aim was to review endoscopic technique possibilities in face rejuvenation operations. Plačiau
The purpose of this study was to compare 3 different techniques of autologous breast reconstruction in their indications to calculate their complication rates and to design a simple algorithm for breast reconstruction based on indications. Plačiau
Every breast augmentation method has its own indications but usually surgeons choose that one which is the most predictable, atraumatic and gives the best results (natural appearance and fast recovery). Our aim was to find the advantages and disadvantages of breast augmentation using transaxillary incision and to compare it with periareolar and inframammary techniques. Plačiau
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